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RealityCPWe have built quite a following between social media, subscribers and newsstands.  To expand on this, and celebrate the faithfulness of the CP Community, we are introducing a new addition to our magazine media efforts.

You are surely familiar with Reality TV?  We are introducing Reality CP!

BurstingCarCoverIt will neither be in competition to, or in lieu of the print edition.  Instead it will be an enhancement in addition to it.

Reality CP will be an online edition that will be mobile friendly from all devices.  We will have videos, articles, carousels of photos – all sorts of fun that cannot be done in traditional print.

Best of all – it will be completely free! 

The only thing one has to do to subscribe to Reality CP is to sign up with their name and email address, and each edition will be automatically emailed. subscribebutton

The digital edition will publish in the off months of the Chrysler Powrer print edition.  This will be a perfect compromise for those who prefer media via their mobile devices, as well as filling the gap to create the 12 issues our readers desire.

Here’s where the fun stuff comes in for you all – videos!  We will be looking for how-to’s in the garage, racing, onsite at the shows where you’ll interview individuals about their Mopars, and more.

Bonus materials following printed stories, teasers about upcoming pieces… there is no limit to what can be featured in Reality CP!

We’ll need your help to make it happen.  Please start gathering ideas and materials, and give anyone you believe to be interested our contact info and UPLOAD IT HERE!

Let’s do something new – let’s get ready to produce a reality magazine – Reality CP, where YOU are the STAR!





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