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By Linda Mandalas

Driving down the road the other day, check out the awesome site I saw…

I thought my eyes might be deceiving me but there it was, a beautiful PINK JEEP WRANGLER; I just had to stop in and check it out.

Everyone knows that October every year is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month but it is nice to see what Bosak did as a small part to show their support; and I wanted…no needed to share this with Chrysler Power Magazine and all of your readers.

There are many great and wonderful causes that we all try and support in one way or another; i.e. monetary donations, volunteer time, join in a walk or an event.  However, cancer is near and dear to me and hundreds of thousands of others.  It seems that everyone at some point in time had been affected is some way, whether it is a friend, relative, neighbor, sister, mother or you...

This JEEP can be viewed as a small symbol, seen daily on the road to encourage everyone to become more aware, more enlightened and more active to help ensure that a cure is found.

It is nice to see a small local company taking a vehicle and customizing it to show their support and I am sure that this JEEP will be seen all over the Northwest Indiana and Chicago area.  I know that this PINK JEEP will not be on this dealer’s lot for long so I wanted to be sure that everyone had a chance to check it out before its gone to some happy owner!  (This comment may be premature but congratulations to whomever purchases this JEEP…what a ride!)

CP Winter IssueI cannot wait to see what Bosak’s does next!  That’s Bosak Motors of Merrillville.  This is one of our local dealers, and are known as “The Home of the 24/7 Car Show,” and they are always showing off their custom vehicles on their front line…this one however, is truly a show stopper! CP

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