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By Linda Mandalas
GOLDEN LION’S….They’re BACK…. Almost like they NEVER LEFT…
I just love Bosak’s… Every time I drive by it’s like saying to myself…… “Let’s take a trip down memory lane…

CP8GoldenLions1959ChryslerSo here we go…..

Starting back around 1939…Yes 1939….the start of the Second World War, Amelia Earhart was officially declared dead after her disappearance, Hewlett- Packard was founded and John Steinbeck’s novel The Grapes of Wrath was first published… oh!…and how could we forget Glenn Miller’s Moonlight Serenade!???

In 1939, Chrysler Corporation had built The Chrysler Windsor, a full-sized behemoth of a car. And it had a long and prosperous run until 1961, which was when Chrysler US ceased production of this model. But no worries eh?...Chrysler Canada continued production until 1962, which was when Chrysler introduced the non-lettered series Chrysler 300.

During this period many changes and innovations were introduced into/onto Chrysler vehicles… for example: 1940-sealed beam headlights, independent front suspension, fog lights and bumper crash bars were optional; 1946-a hand brake was introduced. 1949-1952 brought a padded dashboard and an electric clock was standard as were power brakes.  1953-1954 power steering was a $177 option!  1955-1956 brought the restyled body with wrap around windshields and the first tail fins on a Chrysler appeared.  (We all love those Tail Fins!)

Now you are probably wondering what all this jibber jabber has to do Mr. Norms/Bosak Motors’ GOLDEN LION’S…well here it is…it was in 1959 that Chrysler started to advertise their car’s engines, the 413 cid V-8, as “Golden Lions” and the cars as “Lion Hearted.” MarAprCover Lions were used in the advertising and the emblems located on the back fenders were lions.  The adventure began the moment you would see the Lion-Hearted Chrysler and it’ new styling…from the moniker encrusted grille, to the channeled roof, to those graceful fins.  This was truly excitement in motion!

Finish the article in the new April issue of Chrysler Power Magazine.